Our 5 Star Learning System:

Our 5 star learning system is an innovative learning transfer process which produces rapid, scalable, measureable and cost effective results. Mentioned below is a step by step description of the process:

​1.    Use of a psychometric tool to build self awareness. This is followed up by a one- to- one debrief that helps participants, get clearer perspective on what they would like to achieve from the program.

2.    Live workshop which may be one or two days where we focus on delivering the content in a manner that aligns the mind, heart and hands. Our objective is to help participants find emotional commitment within themselves' so they are inclined to take action.

3.   Each and every program of ours includes a module on creating an action learning plan. As part of this module participants identify goals they would pursue over the next 90 days. The action plan includes the why, what, how, where and when. Every participant identifies a study buddy amongst the participants.

4.   Once each month for a period between 90 days to 180 days participants individually or in small group attend a coaching and mentoring call with an accredited coach. On the call the participants reflect, self assess, get feedback and plan next actions.

5.    The final call has two segments-in the first segment we conduct the review of the previous actions and in the other we document the learning journey. As part of the learning journey participants share their personal growth, how the new behavior and skills are impacting those around them and the business impact of the changes that they have made.

Within the scope of confidentiality agreement we submit progress report to the sponsors.